Children's Library

Since opening in July of 2012 the Rogpa Children's Library has been creating various programs for children in Dharamsala. It is a place for local children to learn about culture, art, peace and the environment. Through interactive learning and special programs, children will be inspired to express their thought in this creative and supportive learning environment. We hope that this space will provide Tibetan children with a rich opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their background and cultural identity.

Rogpa Children Library will also support and nourish them to grow up healthy and to be the future of Tibet. Rogpa hopes Tibetan children can create opportunities on the basis of a profound understanding in their cultural identity and what makes it unique.

Information for Volunteers

The Children’s Library is in need of volunteers that have skills in various areas:

The library should be a place of creation, discovery, exploration and fun. With expertise in various areas from volunteers we are able to create an atmosphere that is new and exciting for the children to learn.

This year (2013) we collaborated with the Himalayan Butoh School of Dharamsala to design a modern Japanese dance program as a way to help our students increase their expressiveness, confidence and awareness of their bodies and minds through dance. We are thankful to Mr. Lee, teacher of the Himalayan Butoh School, and his students for their participation in this exciting new program. In a similar effort, Dust Gio, senior student of the Butoh School, designed a four week program, "Dance with Books" for children attending Rogpa's winter session. This program aimed to give children an expanded opportunity to explore their bodies and express their feelings through reading and movement. We look forward to collaborating further with our friends at the Himalayan Butoh School and with our other local organizations to expand our community network in order to continuously create cultural events and educational programs for our children and the rest of the Tibetan community.

Young, Children's Library Manager