Children's book publishing

One of our most important projects at the Children’s Library is the publishing of Tibetan children’s books. We collaborate with local illustrators and writers to write informative and interesting books for the Tibetan youth. In India, books are usually written in English or Hindi, making it difficult for Tibetan children to find books to help them identify as Tibetan. Rogpa publishes books for children written in Tibetan, focusing on old Tibetan tales and stories to keep the vanishing Tibetan culture alive for children. We donate three quarters of the printed books to Tibetan schools all over India.

Cultivating Young Tibetan Artists Project

This project is for finding and encouraging Tibetan illustrators and writers to create their own work and to be active as a Tibetan artist. They will be able to keep their own culture alive and be able to create new culture as well that they can hand over that to next generation. The aim of this project is to give a chance to Tibetan artists to sell their work and to publish a book.We welcome illustrators and writers who are interested in our project and want to draw and write for children. Please contact to Rogpa at Rogpa Children’s Library.