Baby Care Center (BCC)

The Baby Care Centre opened up in September of 2005 after a couple noticed how many mothers were not able to work because of having to take care of their young children. Currently we are providing free child care, daily meals and play equipment in a safe and fun environment 6 days a week. By taking care of Tibetan families children during working hours, we enable parents to work full time so that they can improve their living conditions, become self sufficient and independent. In this way people can support themselves instead of relying on overseas donations, but also while contributing towards individual empowerment and communal well-being.

Information for Parents

Information for Volunteers

We are also in need of persons with specific skills for the BCC. During the day we feed the babies various fresh fruit and vegetables so having a nutritious background would be very useful. Another specific skill that is needed for the BCC is a background working with young children. Since the babies are all under three years of age it is helpful to have new and exciting ideas for the staff so they stay involved and learn new things.

The BCC provides free daily care for children for Tibetan families which typically could not afford it on their own. We provide good facilities and a caring, experienced staff. Our staff knows the children well, in addition to the specific needs of each child's diet. At the centre we take nutrition and our children's health very seriously by providing them with a daily variety of six seasonable fresh vegetables and every afternoon a fruit salad. Since we provide child care free of charge, we also ask the parents to volunteer for one hour every Sunday in order to help us keep the centre clean and be involved in their child's care. When I was a child I never received a nutritious diet, like the one we provide at the BCC. Being from a poor family, with three sisters and five brothers, I want to work hard for the children from poor Tibetan families. As the Baby Care Centre manager, I am proud to be a part of the direct assistance Rogpa provides for our community.

Kalsang, BCC Manager

We depend on the involvement of Tibetan families and volunteers who run the Baby Care Centre providing care for the children- so if you would like to be a volunteer we would love to hear from you!